Occidental Notes

As in the previous thirty World Amateur Go Championships, most of the top places in the 31st World Amateur Go Championship went to Far Eastern players, but Eastern European players have also been doing well recently, and this year, two … Continue reading

Last Thoughts – Part 2

Maros Kral (Slovakia, 22nd place): Winning five games was all right. I didn’t beat any really strong players, but then, I didn’t lose to any really weak players. Kasper Hornbaek (Denmark, 23rd place): It was very nice to hold the … Continue reading

Last Thoughts – Part 1

After the World Amateur Go Championship ended, Ranka asked about half the players and two directors of the International Go Federation for their last thoughts about the tournament and their results. Naisan Chan (Hong Kong, 4th place): I was disappointed … Continue reading

Interview with Jo Taewon

DPR Korea’s Taewon Jo was interviewed by reporters after his win over Alexei Lazarev in the eighth round. Reporter: What do you think of your results this time? Jo: I’m dissatisfied, because I didn’t do as well as I did … Continue reading