Last Round

China Wins, Korea runner up, Hong Kong third, Finland’s Tormanen wins Fighting Spirit Prize. Three European countries in top ten. Second WAGC win for Hu Hu: “Yes, there is much more to this event than Go alone. The opportunity to … Continue reading

Garbarini vs Bustamante

White: Cristiano Garbarini (Italy) 1d Black: Garcia Bustamante (Mexico) 4d Commentary by Michael Redmond 9p, transcribed by Chris Garlock. ITALY-MEXICO: Three Weak Groups When Cristiano Garbarini 1d of Italy creates three weak groups early in his 6th-round game against Emil … Continue reading

The 7th Round

The seventh round started on time, in fact slightly ahead of the 9:00 starting time, on Saturday, May 30. This would be the last day of the tournament. The podium at the Ecopa Arena was  flanked with flower arrangements in honor … Continue reading

Burzo vs Koh

White: Cornel Burzo (Romania) 6d Black: Juyong Koh (Canada) 6d Commentary by Michael Redmond 9p, transcribed by Chris Garlock. CANADA-ROMANIA: Conjuring Ko The big question is this game is how a guy with no ko threats winds up with five … Continue reading

Hu vs. Yoo

White: Yu Qing Hu 8d Black: Shin Hwan Yoo 7d Commentary Michael Redmond 9P (Click on the diagram to launch the game viewer. SGF file available here.) Ranka asked Michael Redmond to explain a little about the very difficult game … Continue reading

Universal Go Board

It was one year ago that a prototype of  the “Universal Go Board”, Go equipment particularly suited for the visually impaired, was presented during the 29th WAGC. On that occasion a demonstration game was played by Pierre Audouard, the French … Continue reading

The 6th Round

In the sixth round all interest centered on the game between the two remaining undefeated players from China and Korea. In the preceding rounds Shin-hwan Yoo of Korea had already defeated two strong far eastern opponents, from Hong Kong China and … Continue reading

Debarre vs Silt

White: Thomas Debarre (France) 5d Black: Ondrej Silt (Czechia) 6d Commentary by Michael Redmond 9p, transcribed by Chris Garlock. Sixteen-year-old Thomas Debarre 5d comes up with a new variation on a popular joseki played by top Japanese player Cho U … Continue reading